Google and LG Prepare Tablet Nexus?

Jakarta Indonesia - Google reportedly is preparing its own Android tablet, in partnership with LG. Although the name is not clear, this tablet will supposedly branded Nexus, together with Google smartphone which came out in two generations, Nexus and Nexus S. This news blows from Eldar Murtazin, a technology activist who often correct in predicting the presence of a new product. According to sources Murtazin, tablet Honeycomb Nexus with Android OS will probably slide this summer. Same with Nexus smartphones, tablet that supposedly will get preferential treatment such as the certainty of the latest OS updates. Google seems to have reached an agreement with LG to manufacture tablets Nexus is driven directly by Google. On the other hand, Murtazin also provide information that Google does not allow the tablet that runs Android Honeycomb 2.x to get updates. If true, it means that such tablets Tab Galaxy 7-inch version can not find the Honeycomb and at best to the Gingerbread. So far, there has been no confirmation either from Google or Nexus LG about the existence of these tablets. Similarly, as reported by The Next Web and quoted on Monday (4/28/2011).

Nokia T7 So New Stud Symbian?

Jakarta Indonesia - Although you have set the operating system Windows 7 Phone as a primary OS in smartphone, Nokia has promised not to get rid of Symbian. Even a leak shows Nokia is preparing a new handset based on Symbian, Nokia T7. This T7 handset leaked on Nokia's Ovi Publishing tools, which presents some of the latest handset Nokia output design. T7 placed under the handset Nokia N8 and given a category 'assumed to work'. Apparently, the handset is being intensively tested by Nokia. Not much detail is revealed in this leak and any form of the handset is not displayed. A quite likely, would adopt Symbian OS T7 ^ 3. Screen size of between 3.5 to 4 inches with a resolution of 360 x 640. The presence of T7, if properly realized, means adding a new series of Nokia that is the beginning with the letter T. Previously existing series such as C, N, or E. Not yet clear when the T7 will glide into the market and at what price range. Similarly, as reported by UnwiredView and quoted on Tuesday (03/29/2011).

Scientists Create From Plastic Processor

What would happen if the processor that had been made with silicon, modified from materials unused stuff? A group of scientists in Europe have used the 4000 plastic, or organic transistors to make a microprocessor out of plastic. The chip size of two inches and built on a flexible plastic foil and medium, which was mentioned as an alternative to silicon. According to Jan Genoe in nanotechnology center IMEC in Leuven, Belgium This chip can be cheap, environmentally friendly and flexible. From the test results indicate that this new chip does not have such power superkompeter and processors in general. The chip can only run a simple program of 16 instructions. This should be hardcoded into the second foil etched with plastic circuits can be connected to the processor. Launched by Eye Tech, the processor is running at 6Hz and the only force able to process information in the eight-bit pieces at most. It is slightly slower than the PC in the era of the 1980s, or indeed not too pretty quick. However, the chip is very thin so that components can be printed onto it like ink. More work is needed to make organic transistors to smaller sizes as well. But if a team to manage it, it will be possible to have an organic gas sensor gas pipe wrap to report any leaks with a flexible microprocessor to clean the noisy signal. It is not possible in the future, the processor-based plastic would be an option to substitute silicon. This of course will be environmentally friendly and cheap, of course.

Facebook will Attract Obama's Former Assistant

Jakarta Indonesia - The social networking giant Facebook is rumored to be to attract former White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, a senior employee at their company. Derived from the news delivered New York Times, stated that one of the closest assistant of former President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, glance up to organize an intensive communication up to meet an initial public offering scheduled for early next year. Based on information obtained from people close Gibss, before moving to work in the private sector, Gibbs is leaving his career in the White House last month, was asked to assist the general election campaign of 2012, to choose another Obama as U.S. president. However, as reported by Reuters and quoted on Monday (3/28/2011), up wanting Gibbs immediately provide an answer to their offer. There has been no official statement from both. Neither up nor Gibbs declined to comment on.

Protect Your Work - Lock Your Computer

Posted by Tio Jericho Friday, 15 April 2011
Anyone who has put in many hours, or even weeks of effort at work, may know what you want to lose part of the job, but the worst thing you can do is be cause the loss of your own. When you leave your computer, say for a bathroom break, an emergency meeting, or even to discuss anything from your computer, it might be natural to just walk away and do what you should do, but I know from experience that this is your habit have to carve into your computer work ethic is tantamount to being polite to the leadership of your organization. Allow me to go deeper, then it makes more sense with an example:
Several years ago, I took a course called 'Drafting / Design Tech I'. This is the basis of CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) class where we learn how to use the software and all the way, the concept of a good work-CAD, understand the views, and able to attract anything we see in the variation. It was a good experience. One of the few things my instructor told the class immediately after explaining how to log in with our user account is to lock our computers.
"Hold down the 'window', and encourage the 'L' will lock your computer and protect your work .."
Now why would you want protection? Look at the condom and you'll see why ... Okay, so you will not get help if you do not lock your computer, but those who do not heed the advice of my instructor learned the hard way to lock it. With a good nature, many of us who used to love to walk to the workstations of each and talk, hang out, and play games.By the time we returned, one of several common things that happen on our computers:
1. Our directory has been cleared of any and all our work in it (an hour, hour week or more precisely, from the placement rack your head over something has just gone down the drain), or
2. Our current image file has been modified (ie a few lines that offset, twist and tilt, thus throwing all the dimensions, which is very bad when it is being assessed on the dimensions. Even worse is when a person's overall scale of your project, so when you actually build model your project, not the scale 1 / 8 between model and full size, you have a scale 19/128ths Firsthand experience annoying ..)
3. All of our file names do not mix and match, so when we sit down to work, we face a unique problem every time figuring out which of the twenty which files. Many are fun when you have the time to come.
4. Any other creative mischief (ie rotate the display by 90 degrees, making the window look retro, or even hide parts of our images so they appear deleted and we seem to repeat when we return)
In addition to interference from mild all the way to promising a $ s-kicking after class, lock your computer is important for security. From my experience with several private network, leaving your console unattended while in full access can cause many problems for you and your network. One of your colleagues with low access rights to decide to play another joke was funny and no one was being played at. He reported to his boss. If the 'joke' was in any way decided as unacceptable to the boss, guess which two people lost their jobs? Or even better if there are visitors from somewhere and suddenly he has access to all files confidential by all employees who are sworn to only live in the facility?Let me express in one word: espionage. A car just does not sell as well as every other car maker to sell just the primary knock-off because some idiot in your business plan to leave the design and assembly in easy access.

Windows key + L
Alt + Ctrl + Delete, 'k' then
For this work, you must have a password set on your account. If your account is not password protected, here is how to make it:
(All instructions assume that the user has full administrative privileges)

For Windows XP:1) Click on the 'Start'2) Click 'Control Panel' in3) Double-Click 'User Accounts' on4) Click on the name of the user account5) Click on 'Generate Password'6) Follow the instructions on the screen

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