Google and LG Prepare Tablet Nexus?

Jakarta Indonesia - Google reportedly is preparing its own Android tablet, in partnership with LG. Although the name is not clear, this tablet will supposedly branded Nexus, together with Google smartphone which came out in two generations, Nexus and Nexus S. This news blows from Eldar Murtazin, a technology activist who often correct in predicting the presence of a new product. According to sources Murtazin, tablet Honeycomb Nexus with Android OS will probably slide this summer. Same with Nexus smartphones, tablet that supposedly will get preferential treatment such as the certainty of the latest OS updates. Google seems to have reached an agreement with LG to manufacture tablets Nexus is driven directly by Google. On the other hand, Murtazin also provide information that Google does not allow the tablet that runs Android Honeycomb 2.x to get updates. If true, it means that such tablets Tab Galaxy 7-inch version can not find the Honeycomb and at best to the Gingerbread. So far, there has been no confirmation either from Google or Nexus LG about the existence of these tablets. Similarly, as reported by The Next Web and quoted on Monday (4/28/2011).

Nokia T7 So New Stud Symbian?

Jakarta Indonesia - Although you have set the operating system Windows 7 Phone as a primary OS in smartphone, Nokia has promised not to get rid of Symbian. Even a leak shows Nokia is preparing a new handset based on Symbian, Nokia T7. This T7 handset leaked on Nokia's Ovi Publishing tools, which presents some of the latest handset Nokia output design. T7 placed under the handset Nokia N8 and given a category 'assumed to work'. Apparently, the handset is being intensively tested by Nokia. Not much detail is revealed in this leak and any form of the handset is not displayed. A quite likely, would adopt Symbian OS T7 ^ 3. Screen size of between 3.5 to 4 inches with a resolution of 360 x 640. The presence of T7, if properly realized, means adding a new series of Nokia that is the beginning with the letter T. Previously existing series such as C, N, or E. Not yet clear when the T7 will glide into the market and at what price range. Similarly, as reported by UnwiredView and quoted on Tuesday (03/29/2011).

Scientists Create From Plastic Processor

What would happen if the processor that had been made with silicon, modified from materials unused stuff? A group of scientists in Europe have used the 4000 plastic, or organic transistors to make a microprocessor out of plastic. The chip size of two inches and built on a flexible plastic foil and medium, which was mentioned as an alternative to silicon. According to Jan Genoe in nanotechnology center IMEC in Leuven, Belgium This chip can be cheap, environmentally friendly and flexible. From the test results indicate that this new chip does not have such power superkompeter and processors in general. The chip can only run a simple program of 16 instructions. This should be hardcoded into the second foil etched with plastic circuits can be connected to the processor. Launched by Eye Tech, the processor is running at 6Hz and the only force able to process information in the eight-bit pieces at most. It is slightly slower than the PC in the era of the 1980s, or indeed not too pretty quick. However, the chip is very thin so that components can be printed onto it like ink. More work is needed to make organic transistors to smaller sizes as well. But if a team to manage it, it will be possible to have an organic gas sensor gas pipe wrap to report any leaks with a flexible microprocessor to clean the noisy signal. It is not possible in the future, the processor-based plastic would be an option to substitute silicon. This of course will be environmentally friendly and cheap, of course.

Facebook will Attract Obama's Former Assistant

Jakarta Indonesia - The social networking giant Facebook is rumored to be to attract former White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, a senior employee at their company. Derived from the news delivered New York Times, stated that one of the closest assistant of former President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, glance up to organize an intensive communication up to meet an initial public offering scheduled for early next year. Based on information obtained from people close Gibss, before moving to work in the private sector, Gibbs is leaving his career in the White House last month, was asked to assist the general election campaign of 2012, to choose another Obama as U.S. president. However, as reported by Reuters and quoted on Monday (3/28/2011), up wanting Gibbs immediately provide an answer to their offer. There has been no official statement from both. Neither up nor Gibbs declined to comment on.

Era of the Virtual Office, The World's Largest Satellite Will Orbit

Posted by Tio Jericho Wednesday, 30 March 2011
SATELLITE world's largest orbiting the earth soon. Data transfer will be more easily, quickly, and in large capacity. Get ready to welcome the era of virtual offices.

Recently, Inmarsat, the satellite operator British communications giant, announced the launch would be the largest satellite in the world. No doubt, this is the "mirror" reflecting man-made radio waves the most beautiful ever made. In addition to the jumbo size is enough, by bus, the satellite also has the ability to five times bigger than its predecessors.

According to the corporation, based in City of London, Alphasat I-XL, thus the name of the project worth 260 million euros is named, which has a weight of six tons is prepared to improve high-bandwidth services (data transfer capabilities), for example for mobile internet, in the region Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Inmarsat own design Alphasat I-XL to support the other major satellite operation, the I-4, which was launched by the company's other international broadband network owners, BGAN. "We believe that this satellite will have a better ability to reflect waves in increasing capacity in the area and boost the speed," said Inmarsat spokesman Chris McLaughlin.

With the launch of the satellite giant, then people will easily have a virtual office that can be operated throughout the world, both on land and at sea. This is possibly because satellite subscribers will get a substantial connection using only a laptop-sized terminals.Not surprisingly, the market targeted by the business entity that is a businessman in a company engaged in the field of maritime, petrochemical, relief workers in post-natural disaster, and journalists.

Mission to launch Alphasat I-XL is actually a continuation of a program of technological development between Europe and France (Esa and Cnes). Alphabus, so the program commonly known, is designed to produce a new generation of satellites that enable European industry to compete in global markets, especially in the face of the product that was launched by the U.S. aerospace industry.

And later, Alphasat I-XL will be the first satellite that uses Alphabus system. The new satellite technology using the latest digital signal processor manufactured by EADS Astrium. The company's leading satellite maker also designs and assemble the framework of cooperation with other giant, Thales Alenia Space. While the "brain" made by the Stevenage and Portsmouth Center.

This satellite, said Dave Robson, a spokesman for Astrium, has the communication capacity fivefold compared with Inmarsat-4 satellite. "With the advantages that we can contain electronic data with unusually large," he said.

Alphasat I-XL has a 12-meter reflector antenna that can generate electric power 12 kW and has a technical life of 15 years. The satellite uses an ion engine is more efficient than the existing machines so far.

Because the size is large enough, it takes a rocket powerful enough to launch it. Then, the option was dropped to the Ariane 5 ECA's European aviation agencies. The plan, super space transport and their cargo will be ready to be launched in 2013.

Actually, beginning last November, the UK has also launched a new one giant satellite intended for military purposes. Skynet 5B, the project is named, is planned to operate until the year 2020 will also support the operation of the armed forces that kingdom.

With the new satellite was then antarmarkas data transmission capacity of the military command to become bigger and faster, or twice the pre-existing capabilities. In addition, the Skynet 5B is also equipped with self-defense capability. For example, resistant to high-powered laser interference and electromagnetic waves emitted by nuclear weapons (wave usually make direct electronic system KOs).

Japanese Do not Want Missed

Not only that, there is a special antenna on the Skynet 5B is also capable of making communication signals become chaotic and clogged. At the same time, can create special channels that are open for use by military officials. "The armed forces will get a more advanced technology and fast," said Malcolm Peto, officials Paradigm Secure Communications, a private company that developed the technology.

If you look back, the race launched a giant-sized satellites orbiting more heat after the Inmarsat-4 F2 in November 2005 which serves communication states the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean. Earlier, in March, also orbiting satellites jumbo which has a range throughout Europe, Africa and the Pacific Ocean.

Countries in Asia did not want to miss. Japan, for example, also has successfully launched its largest geostationary satellite weighs 5.8 tonnes at the end of last year.Kiku Number 8, the name of the project, initiated to strengthen the acceptance of mobile phone signals in some remote areas. However, the satellite has not been used for commercial purposes.

True, that in large cities has been available to cable networks serving excellent communication. But, in isolated places or for those who are always on the move locations, the satellite service will become the only option. And finally, with the larger satellites and advanced TV services, Internet, digital radio, high-definition TV, as well as a new generation of mobile phones will be increasingly easy to get, wherever and whenever.

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